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Bathlift Bathmaster Classic Handcontroller Nimh

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This stable, reliable bathlift has a comfortable padded seat that can be folded and removed for easy cleaning, transportation and storage. The frame of the Bathmaster Classic can also be folded, giving a lightweight, two piece portable unit that is easy to handle and carry. The Bathmaster Classic is fitted with a safety cut out to stop the unit descending should anything become trapped underneath. A high Bathmaster Classic is available and is similar to the standard version but rises an extra 105mm to 525mm. Seat only weight 4kg.Frame only weight: Standard 8.5kg High 9.5kgBathmaster Classic - Standard height range 420mm (163/4") down to 75mm (3") from the bath base.Bathmaster Classic - High height range 525mm (201/2") down to 75mm (3") from the bath base.

Product Code: 91074293

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